Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just Dandy! Project Ideas

I've uploaded the patterns I've used for my 'Just Dandy!' photo shoot to my website's inspiration page, and I thought I'd share with you the details in a blog post. This way you could hear a little bit more about the patterns I chose, and have the links to click on in case you wanted to find the patterns quickly. Are you ready for some spring sewing?

To get ready for my 'Just Dandy!' photo shoot, I researched the web for some cute patterns for kiddo's. This is my first photo shoot with kids, and let me just tell you - they are SO fun and balls of energy! The funnest part was having one of the girls put on her outfits and say 'I just feel so cute'! That right there is what makes this so fun and rewarding!

As I was madly preparing for Surtex, and working full-time at the time, my wonderful friend Karin sewed all of the garments for me, which enabled the photo shoot to actually happen and be successful.

I found a lot of the patterns on Etsy, and I wanted to share them with you today.

{'Darla Jumper' by Kati Cupcake Pattern Co}

First up, one of my absolute favorites, the 'Darla Jumper' by Kati Cupcake Pattern Co. We used my Just Dandy! fabrics in the 'Blue Jay' color combo for this beauty. I just love how it turned out in the blue and green color story! Perfect for Spring.

{'Rosie Posie Ruffle Pants & Top' Sewing Pattern by Pink Fig}

The second pattern I want to share with you is the 'Rosie Posie Ruffle Pants & Top' Sewing Pattern by Pink Fig. I bought the light pink tank at Old Navy and we applied the ruffles to it. The ruffled bell-bottoms are just so gorgeous!

{Romper by Simplicity, pattern #2380}

{Jumper by Simplicity, pattern #2380}
Next up are the romper and jumper by Simplicity, pattern #2380. These styles are just so on trend right right now, so I was really happy to find a pattern for them! The romper being in the dark navy color really looks stylish - I just love that navy and gold dot as an accent! For the jumper, we used my ditsy floral and a hot pink grosgrain ribbon, which I think keeps the jumper looking pretty cool.

{'The Stripwork Skirt' by Pink Fig}

Another of my fave's is the 'The Stripwork Skirt' by Pink Fig. This skirt just turned out so cute! My friend Karin hand-stitched the athletic numbers 23 on the front of an aqua colored tee, to pull the outfit together. I just love the mix of sporty and girly together!

{Drop waist dress Simplicity pattern #2574}

{Modified dress using Simplicity pattern #5243}

Out of the last three dresses, the two drop-waist dresses are made using Simplicity pattern #2574. The last dress is made using Simplicity pattern #5243 which Karin used as a base and applied ruffles all around the dress to add a bit more interest to it.

{Drop waist dress Simplicity pattern #2574}

Just Dandy! is now in stores and ready to be used for your Spring and Summer sewing projects! You can find the Just Dandy! fabric line at these e-tailers:

Happy Sewing!!


  1. how exciting! i love all of these patterns! did you enjoy Surtex? sounds like you had tons of fun, but it also looks like a lot of work. i love the paper flowers!

  2. Love the fabric choices- especially of the Darla Jumper!


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