Sunday, September 19, 2010

Glam Garden Discoveries: Part 2

{Photo's courtesy of Danielle Bryson Photography for Loblolly Lane}

I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful projects that have come my way! First off, thanks to those who have answered my call to send me pics of projects you have made using my Glam Garden fabrics! It's so delightful to see the beauty you are creating, and to be able to share it with people. I hope you all enjoy seeing what these peeps have been up to!

{Photo's courtesy of Danielle Bryson Photography for Loblolly Lane}

Eunice Carter over at Loblolly Lane sent me these fab pics! Loblolly Lane has made a variety of beautiful dresses, skirts and tops for women and girls out of Glam Garden prints! These beauties are for sale and you can head over to their shop to check them out! {Thanks Loblolly Lane for using Glam Garden in so many of your products!!}

{Photo's courtesy of Danielle Bryson Photography for Loblolly Lane}

{Loblolly Lane}

{The Sewing Blonde}

Check out this amazing dress from The Sewing Blonde! Fantastically beautiful! She created this fab dress using the Analise pattern from Portabellopixie. Her daughter wore this number for her first day of school - talk about a grand dress for a grand occasion! Isn't it striking? You can read all about her sewing adventure of creating this dress on her blog here.

{The Sewing Blonde}
The photo of the back of this dress makes me swoon! Such beautiful and hard work went into this beauty!

{The Sewing Blonde}

She also created this cute hair accessory out of one of the flowers from Glam Garden as well. Great idea, don't you think?

{The Thrifty Quilter}

Meghan over at the Thrifty Quilter blog, made this absolutely STUNNING hexagon quilt out of Glam Garden! I love how she mixed in the bright solids with the prints!! You can tell a lot of hard work and love went into this project. SO fun!

{The Thrifty Quilter}

{Sophie & Lili}

Jennifer Vallez over at Sophie & Lili sent me this photo of the absolutely fabulous dolls they make - and this one has Glam Garden decorating the back! LOVE! Aren't these dolls cute?

{The Organized Shopper}

This Original Hands-free List Maker / Coupon Organizer is made by The Organized Shopper who makes these great designer coupon organizers and sells them on Etsy. I heart organization, you?? What a great idea! I love the labeled tabs inside.

{The Organized Shopper}

Whew! What a round-up of beautiful things! Thanks so much to everyone who sent me pictures of your fabulous projects, and thank you so much for using Glam Garden! I really appreciate it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

FREE Pattern Download: Glam-O-Ruffle Pillow

After MANY months, I have FINALLY compiled the sewing instructions for my ruffle pillow that is featured in my Glam Garden photo shoot. I am calling it the "Glam-O-Ruffle Pillow", as a play on words to "Glamorous" - which is fitting for the Glam Garden fabric collection, don't you think? I absolutely LOVE this pillow! It sits cheerily in my studio and makes me smile each time I see it.

The pattern download is available on my website. Just go to my website, click on the Inspiration page, scroll to the bottom, and it's there for you under "Free Downloads". Just click on the little photo icon and it'll be ready to download. Yay!

I made this pillow one night when I was sewing away my weekends in preparation for the photo shoot. I got all my garments done and had an extra evening before the big day, and the over-achiever in me decided to create another thing off the top of my head. So off I went cutting and sewing this pillow together on a whim, writing down measurements as I went, to make my sewing instructions easier to put together for you all, in the future.

OK, so as a disclaimer, you just need to know that I am an artist and not a sewing genius. I tried with the structured side of my mind to write the instructions as best as I could, so if you come across any crazy talk, then just e-mail me and let me know what to fix, K? Thanks everyone!! I hope you are able to try it out, and enjoy!

Fall 2010 Runway Inspiration: Ralph Lauren, Prada & Dries Van Noten

Ok, ok, here's my LAST fall 2010 runway inspiration post. I promise! To keep it my last post I thought I would put a few shows together to round it up. First off are prints from the Ralph Lauren fall runway show. The first two images I am showing you here are from a magazine, (Bazaar, I think?) which showcase the Ralph Lauren printed dresses in a beautiful way! So I thought I'd include them!

Dark grounded floral prints were all over the runways, from a variety of designers, so keep a look-out for them this fall!

{Ralph Lauren Runway Show at}
The prints from the Prada runway were exquisite and are paving the way for fall print trends. What's beautiful about these prints is the hand-sketched quality that revives a classic lace and plaid. The print in the center is twisted rope, which we've been seeing for a bit now. But now that Prada's showcasing it, the trend will now have more legs to stand on.

{Prada Runway Show at}

What I absolutely love about the prints from the Dries Van Noten runway, is that they look like they have been over-dyed with a dark color which is causing the colors of the print to adopt the over-dyed tone and offer very little contrast. These prints look completely fresh to me, and I even like how they appear tropical in a not-in-your-face tropical way.

I hope all these fall runway posts have offered up some beautiful & fashionable eye candy to you, and you were inspired by print and color!


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