Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hope Chest Photos!

{My favorite photo!}

Over the weekend, I've been posting the photo's from my Hope Chest photo shoot on my website, Facebook & Flickr. Have you had a chance to see them yet? I just got them back and am have been so excited to see my fabrics and all of our hard sewing work looking so glamorous.


I've been wanting to do a photo shoot at a carousel for a few years now, and this time I felt it really worked with the look of the fabrics. I was able to book out the carousel at the Woodland Park Zoo for a couple of hours before the zoo opened, which made it very hassle free to get the shots in that we wanted without a lot of extra people walking around. Also, this carousel was indoors, which was even more reassuring with our temperamental Seattle 'summer' weather.

My friend Karin and I put in a lot of work sewing up samples a few weeks leading up to the shoot. Karin and I worked at Nordstrom together and she's an amazing and award winning fashion designer, so she tackled the more difficult garments. This year I had 4 models with 2 outfit changes each for a total of 8 garments, which we sewed up in 2 weeks! It was pretty crazy! But each time something got finished, it felt really satisfying and it was fun to see the group and my vision start to come together.

Since I don't have my own line of sewing patterns (...yet?) I usually use the designer patterns from Simplicity and Vogue, (with Cynthia Rowley and Rebecca Taylor being my favorites), as well as scour Etsy to see if I can find some new indie designers with great designs. This year, I found Victory Patterns, and really loved a lot of their looks! Have you heard of them yet? I of course love the patterns of other fabric designers, but don't feel it's right to use them when showcasing my fabric collection.

{My Hope Chest fabric collection}

Photo shoots can be kinda hectic, but in a good way. I prepare all of the garments, jewelry, accessories, shoes, etc the night before, making sure everything is pressed and hung nicely. I usually ask the models to bring loads of shoes that we can select from, and I pour through my closet gathering many things from shoes to cami's to jewelry and hair accessories. And I map out a plan of which model will theoretically wear what. A few of the models I hadn't met before so I was crossing my fingers quite a bit, but thankfully everything worked out really well!

{All the girls looking gorgeous at the carousel!}
I had my Cross Stitch Roses backdrop that we set-up to get a few shots in front of. I love how bright and bold the backdrop turned out!! I'm definitely going to need to hang this up in my studio...probably for curtains! Along with the backdrop I laid out some props that went with my Hope Chest fabric theme, such as flowers, old keys and books (this was a great excuse for me to finally buy some of the Penguin Hardcover Classics with the beautifully patterned covers!).

{Love these books whose contents inspired my Hope Chest collection}
My awesome photographer Natalie, from Natalie G. Photography did wonders capturing the look of this shoot. Wouldn't you agree? This is the fourth photo shoot we've worked together on, and each year the photo's get better and better which I didn't even think was possible.

{Me and the girls}
Well, I hope you enjoy getting a little behind the scenes glimpse of my Hope Chest photo shoot! Any questions at all, just let me know and I'm happy to try to answer. I'll do another post explaining the garments I chose, soon. Thanks so much for taking a peek at my photos! What are your favorites? I hope they inspire you to use the collection for your next project!

PS - If you're a store interested in using my photo's to promote my Hope Chest fabric line, please contact me to let me know your needs. Thanks!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hope Chest Photo Shoot- Creating my Cross Stitch Roses Backdrop


As I'm waiting for my Hope Chest photo's I thought I'd go ahead and share with you a little 'video' I made of me painting my Cross Stitch Roses backdrop for my photo shoot. I posted on Facebook and Twitter, a little sneak peak of the backdrop, and today is the big reveal!

This backdrop I painted is based off of my new fabric "Cross Stitch Roses" which is a part of my Hope Chest fabric collection with Blend Fabrics. The 'video' is made up of photos I took while I was creating the backdrop, so you can see it being built little by little. I've never made a video before, so I'm crossing my fingers that this works. Do let me know if it doesn't (and send any tips my way) and I'll try to fix it! ; )

{Close-up of my Cross Stitch Roses painted backdrop}

I'm also including some photos of the backdrop I painted here too. I absolutely love how vibrant the colors turned out, and I can't WAIT to see the photo's from my Hope Chest photo shoot to see how it turned out there.

{Photo of my Cross Stitch Roses backdrop from my upstairs window}

I had an absolute blast creating this. It took me about 5 hours to do. I first took my 'Cross Stitch Roses' artwork, and sized one of my motifs in Illustrator so I knew what size I needed to make my stamps. To create my stamps, I cut out 'x' shapes from foam and then glued them to pieces of foam core. I then used craft paint in a variety of colors to stamp the design out onto a huge 10' x 10' cutting of muslin fabric that I laid out on my back patio (of course with a painting backdrop underneath so it wouldn't go through onto the patio!). I also used a gardeners kneeling pad for my knees in order to keep the experience from being painful.

{Me with my creation}

I hope you enjoy seeing a little part of the process and getting a glimpse into a little bit of the behind the scenes prep for my Hope Chest photo shoot. I absolutely can't wait to see the photo's and share them with you too. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks I'll have them and be able to share. Thanks so much for watching my little video! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gorgeous Hope Chest Dresses Made by Amy Friend

I just HAD to share with you a sneak peak of these gorgeous dresses that the amazingly talented Amy Friend made using my Hope Chest fabrics! Aren't these beautiful?? She just posted about them on her blog During Quiet Time today and I had to run out and share them with all of you.

I absolutely adore these dresses and the prints she chose to mix together! SO adorable!!
For more photo's and to read Amy's post about her sewing process, the pattern she used, etc., head on over to Amy's blog: During Quiet Time

Don't you just LOVE??!!


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