Sunday, October 31, 2010

Around Town: Seattle

This Friday, lucky me, my friend Tobe of Two Tall Blondes came to Seattle. I took the day off of work to show her around the non-touristy parts of town and to do some fun boutique shopping. We spent most of our time in Ballard and Fremont. I snapped some pic's of our adventure, and thought I'd share some of my favorites with you. If you're ever in town, in addition to going to the Space Needle and Pikes Place Market, I highly suggest checking out these two neighborhoods.

Our first stop was for breakfast at the Wild Mountain Cafe in Ballard. Their breakfast specialty is Eggs Benedict, so I braved them for the first time in my life - and they were de-lish! It's cozy atmosphere is thanks to the home it occupies.

Next, we headed over to Ballard Ave to hit-up a string of cute shops around there. My all time favorite is Camelion Design, which has such amazing home decor items that are right up my alley. Natural textures meets modern design = LOVE! If only I could just "copy" and "paste" these looks and items directly into my home!

Lucca has a distinctive European flair to it, and carries such an eclectic mix of unique treasures that they mix with vintage for a dark French flea market atmosphere.

Venue is a work studio and boutique, which is such a clever shop idea! The boutique carries product from over 40 different local artists. There are 8 artist studio's in the back, and much of what those artist's create, shows up on the boutique's selling floor. At times, you can even get a glimpse of the artists hard at work.

Romanza kept us busy for a while, as we couldn't keep our hands off everything! So many delicious smelling candles and fragrances in gorgeous packaging! The pictures I have below is from the baby section. Be-U-TI-ful!

Now, two of my favorite coffee shops in Ballard are Verite Coffee (which sells the TASTY cupcake concoctions of Cupcake Royale!) and the organic coffee house Caffe Fiore. Since it was a bit too early for a cupcake, we opted for Caffe Fiore, which makes a mean and spicy chai tea latte!

We then continued our adventure in Fremont, stopping at the sustainable sandwich shop, Homegrown, for a DELICIOUS lunch. I love their logo and the chalkboard menu lined wall!

Burnt Sugar has long been one of my favorite's, and not just because it has the BEST name ever and a rocket ship mounted to the front of the shop. It carries a great mixture of handbags, jewelry, shoes, accessories and beauty products, all under a painted pink ceiling. Dreamy!

Essenza is such a beautiful and charming shop! Chocked-full of stunning jewelry, soaps, fragrances, beauty products, baby items, home decor and the like! I was ogling over the owls I have snapped a picture of - may just need to go back for those cuties!

And there you have it! Hope you've enjoyed getting a little sneak peak of some neighborhoods and a few fun shops in Seattle from our weekend trip! I keep adding Seattle websites to my Delicious bookmarks, so feel free to check them out if you're curious. If you've been to Seattle, what's your favorite shop or area??

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Spy: Glam Garden!

{Cover of Quilters Home Magazine | Oct/Nov 2010 Issue}

This weekend, I visited one of our favorite hang-out spots - Barnes & Noble to peruse magazines and books while sipping a Chai tea latte. I started in the women's interest section, then the home magazines, the computer section, and then the sewing and crafting section - piling on magazines at each stop. As I was in the sewing section, pulling out the Quilters Home magazine, I spotted something that looked a bit familiar. Looking more closely, i-spied some of my Glam Garden fabric being used for a featherweight cozy cover on the cover of the magazine!!! The COVER? Seriously? I teared up on the spot, rushed to my husband and shook the magazine at him (gently) with my one free hand. His huge smile and my teared up eyes made for a happy moment.

Teri Coffman? You made my day, week, month! {Thanks for using Glam Garden! Gush!}

As you could probably guess from my exuberant thanks, Teri Coffman is the designer behind this Fab Featherweight cozy. Check out her blog to read up on her story regarding this cozy cover, and many more fabulous things and sewing adventures on her blog. There's a variety of fabric prints mixed in with Glam Garden {in case you are having trouble spotting}, but that does not for one bit change my excitement!

Just thought I'd share with you my happy moment {blush}.


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