Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Spy: Glam Garden!

{Cover of Quilters Home Magazine | Oct/Nov 2010 Issue}

This weekend, I visited one of our favorite hang-out spots - Barnes & Noble to peruse magazines and books while sipping a Chai tea latte. I started in the women's interest section, then the home magazines, the computer section, and then the sewing and crafting section - piling on magazines at each stop. As I was in the sewing section, pulling out the Quilters Home magazine, I spotted something that looked a bit familiar. Looking more closely, i-spied some of my Glam Garden fabric being used for a featherweight cozy cover on the cover of the magazine!!! The COVER? Seriously? I teared up on the spot, rushed to my husband and shook the magazine at him (gently) with my one free hand. His huge smile and my teared up eyes made for a happy moment.

Teri Coffman? You made my day, week, month! {Thanks for using Glam Garden! Gush!}

As you could probably guess from my exuberant thanks, Teri Coffman is the designer behind this Fab Featherweight cozy. Check out her blog to read up on her story regarding this cozy cover, and many more fabulous things and sewing adventures on her blog. There's a variety of fabric prints mixed in with Glam Garden {in case you are having trouble spotting}, but that does not for one bit change my excitement!

Just thought I'd share with you my happy moment {blush}.


  1. What fun that would be! I just picked this magazine up at my local Borders this afternoon.

  2. how exciting!! congrats, friend :)

  3. congrats on having your fabric make the cover!!


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