Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall 2010 Runway Inspiration: Ralph Lauren, Prada & Dries Van Noten

Ok, ok, here's my LAST fall 2010 runway inspiration post. I promise! To keep it my last post I thought I would put a few shows together to round it up. First off are prints from the Ralph Lauren fall runway show. The first two images I am showing you here are from a magazine, (Bazaar, I think?) which showcase the Ralph Lauren printed dresses in a beautiful way! So I thought I'd include them!

Dark grounded floral prints were all over the runways, from a variety of designers, so keep a look-out for them this fall!

{Ralph Lauren Runway Show at}
The prints from the Prada runway were exquisite and are paving the way for fall print trends. What's beautiful about these prints is the hand-sketched quality that revives a classic lace and plaid. The print in the center is twisted rope, which we've been seeing for a bit now. But now that Prada's showcasing it, the trend will now have more legs to stand on.

{Prada Runway Show at}

What I absolutely love about the prints from the Dries Van Noten runway, is that they look like they have been over-dyed with a dark color which is causing the colors of the print to adopt the over-dyed tone and offer very little contrast. These prints look completely fresh to me, and I even like how they appear tropical in a not-in-your-face tropical way.

I hope all these fall runway posts have offered up some beautiful & fashionable eye candy to you, and you were inspired by print and color!

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