Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Time to Create, Cut & Sew Away!

So here I am with all this luscious fabric, and so little time to do something fabulous with it! HA! Since day one, I couldn't wait to see them in garment form...but to be completely honest, I'm not a super-avid sewer - I'm an artist who enjoys drawing and drawing away! Where I'm at? I'm trying to learn and understand the foreign language of sewing. I've always been one to alter and transform garments that I buy vintage. I like jumping right in and being caught up in the creative process of my idea and being able to be hands on and just make something - "fast". Of course it's not perfectly fashioned on the inside and all professional, but it will last me long enough to get the fashionable wear out of it that I like! So developing my sewing skills is definitely a goal of mine. So for now, I'll stick to crafty projects with fabric, and leave the actual sewing up to my gracious and dear friends Cheryl and Karin who when they heard I was desiring to have garments sewn-up they jumped right in and volunteered. (Girls, you are such a blessing to me, and I want to thank you so incredibly much!)

So I spent some time finding sewing patterns that were fashionable and in line with my vision, then went and bought all the supplies and handed off the treats to my friends. And as we speak they are sewing away, creating lovely things. I've received a few of the garments back, and can't wait to show you!! I will definitely be wearing them this spring!

I have a photo shoot planned with friends of mine next month, so stay tuned! I will be adding those pic's to my soon-to-be-updated website. I hope my pictures will inspire you to start a new project or finish an old one, and to be able to get a little glimpse of my creative vision. So, during the weekend I decided to create fabric flowers. Here's a fun pic of them for you! I love mixing patterns and textures together, and those buttons turned out fun! I for sure plan on having project patterns for these flowers that you can once again...stay tuned!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hot Blossom Arrives at My Doorstep!

A few months ago a big box of my yummy fabrics showed up at my doorstep! I was super excited, so I opened the box and pulled the fabrics out. Here's a fun pic of them all stacked up, fresh from the box! This was my first time seeing these prints in fabric yardage, so the next thing I did was break them up into colorways so I could start playing with print & color combinations.

But first, I think the coolest thing for me was seeing my name on the selvedge of the fabric - it made me realize that this is really happening. I've been designing artwork for clothing for many years now, so I've seen my artwork on fabric before. However, when you're working for a company with a brand, you need to be able to create a variety of styles to best represent them. What's so fun for me this time is that it's so fulfilling to see my own style and what I love being printed on fabric - and to have the ability to take that fabric and make fun things out of it!

So, here are the fun colorways! These fabrics come in 3 different ones: Spring - aqua, green & brown combo, Sunset -hot pink, orange & black combo, and Fiesta - aqua, orange & brown combo.

These colorways are fun to see because they are a collaboration between Robert Kaufman Fabrics and I. It's a great experience because we're bringing together my color eye from the fashion industry along with their incredible eye with the quilting, sewing, crafting industry - and smooshing them together to come up with something that's a great combination. Since my background is in fashion, I really wanted to create a collection that people would want to wear. Which is why brown and black are such grounding colors in the collections. My hope is that you'll be able to make something cute out of these fabrics, then throw an outfit together, and feel unique but mainstream. Once they come out, and you start playing with them, please show me what you make!! And even better yet, what you're wearing!


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