Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Licensed Products! Cake Decor!


A few weeks ago I received samples of my licensed products with Lucks, who provides the baking industry with quality products and services that enhance the decorator's creativity. These Edible Image® Designer Prints™ decorations, come in a variety of cake decor options such as cake sheets and top of cake designs. I thought I'd share some of the gorgeous photo's with you of a handful of my licensed designs with Lucks {more to come!}. Unfortunately these cake sheets are only sold wholesale to bakeries and such, and are not available to the public. 

After I opened everything, I immediately contacted my good friend Laura Parke // A Girl Who Makes to see if she and her photographer husband Eric Linebarger would be up for doing a photo shoot for me. And to my super-duper happiness, they were excited and up for it! {thanks guys!!}

Laura did the awesome job of decorating the fabulous cakes you see in the photo's and applying the edible cake decor to them, and her awesome husband Eric Linebarger did the awesome photography. Don't you agree?

I met Laura when I worked at Hallmark Cards, and we became immediate and great friends. I truly heart this girl. I am very familiar with her mad decorating skills from the cute cupcakes she would bring to work and the stories she shared about her cake decorating classes from the night before.

Her awesome blog, Laura Park // A Girl Who Makes is one I highly recommend you check out and follow! She's such a crafty girl with a ton of awesome ideas, and this blog is her outlet for sharing lots of unique craft project ideas and how-to's! She also contributes to Design for Mankind where she shares (even more) DIY ideas! She truly amazes me with her reservoir of ideas and the passion she has behind them.

Thanks Laura and Eric for sharing your mad skills with me!!


  1. josephine!!! we loved working on this project for you. the designs on the cake sheets are just amazing and i am honored you asked me to decorate these cakes for you. i'm so thankful we met through hallmark and continue to be great friends. xoxo!!

    1. Thank you SO much Laura!!! I feel the same exact way. I'm so thankful our paths crossed too, and am thankful we continue to be great friends!! xoxo!!

  2. Wow! These are so much fun!!! Congratulations :)


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