Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Pop-up Shop & 2013 Desk Calendars are Here!

 {My 2013 Desk Calendar is here!}

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I've decided to open up a pop-up shop with Big Cartel to sell a few of my products. I just absolutely LOVED the holiday cards that Blend produced of my Hip Holiday collection, and just HAD to find a way to make them available to you!

If you're looking to send beautiful and special holiday cards this season, please consider mine! I personally love to send out multiple types of holiday cards each year - design-savvy ones for my designer friends, something unique for those I work with, and a photo card for family. And if you need the perfect gift for an office party, for your friend who has her own business, your mom, sister, or teenage daughter's desk — or even for yourself, then my 2013 Desk Calendar would be perfect!

{6 different 3-D Holiday Cards available in my Shop}
In the shop I've got boxes of 6 different holiday card designs to choose from, the 3-D gift tags, and my new 2013 desk calendar! Just to let you know, I've only got 6 boxes of most card designs and the gift tags available, so if you are interested, please snatch them up quickly because once they're gone, they're gone! {FYI: I do have 10 boxes available of the 'Peace On Earth' Forest and the 'Merry Christmas' Reindeer cards - and loads of calendars!}. Last year I sold out of my calendars in 2 weeks. I've ordered more this year just to be safe!

Due to the seasonality of the items in my pop-up shop, it will only be open until December 26th. 

{The 3-D Gift Tags available in my shop}
I've also opened up my Etsy shop again to sell my 2013 Desk Calendars too. If you are only interested in a desk calendar, then I would recommend buying it through Etsy, and you'll save about $1 on shipping.

{Individual pages from my 2013 Desk Calendar}
Why sell on Big Cartel & not Etsy?
After I read through Etsy's guidelines on what can and can't be sold on Etsy, they called out that manufactured goods (even though they look handmade) are not keeping with the spirit of Etsy and shouldn't be sold there. Since my holiday cards and gift tags are manufactured (& not physically handmade by me), I just didn't feel right about putting them on there because of this.

Thanks so much for taking a moment to visit my shop(s) and for considering my holiday cards, gift tags and desk calendar for prettying up your holiday and gift giving!!

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