Friday, November 9, 2012

Mini Mood Boards

I've been organizing my studio like crazy lately (more on that next week...). It all started with me wanting to have something pretty in the background, while I'm working away at my computer. I learned from working in cubicles at Nordstrom, that when the cubicle walls were left the dull gray, that I truly felt very uninspired and had less creative energy. So I would cover my cubicle walls with fabric and papers that were full of color and gorgeousness. Surprisingly this completely helped! I definitely would feel my creative juices flowing and much more energized.

I've been working at home now for about a year and a half, and completely thought that the huge window I get to look out of and see beautiful trees and sky would be enough...but I found I was really ready for a change of environment. SO I finally decided to create mini mood boards to place behind my monitor, so I could just be surrounded by pretty colors and patterns and see them off in the background.

I found these Brocade Magnet Boards at The Container Store, and I HIGHLY recommend them! They are laser cut metal, and the blue that is behind the metal is cork board! (see where I'm going with this??) SO you can use magnets AND push pins!! I ended up gathering cards, swatches of paper and other do-dads that I had and used my iPop magnets and some push pins to hold everything in place. Now I just love sitting at my desk and being surrounded by prettiness! It's been very inspiring.

What have you discovered that helps you feel creative and energized in your working environment?

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