Sunday, August 22, 2010

Color Inspiration: Fall 2010 Runway

{Image from Kenzo Fall 2010 Runway Collection}
Another reason why I love plugging into the fashion circuit is for the color inspiration. I find their uses of color are very inspiring for artwork collections I am creating as well as for projects. I absolutely love playing with color and seek to continually evolve my color palettes in my work, to introduce something new and fresh. I have put together these images with color swatches to show you an example of how I glean color palettes from images.

{Image from Alice + Olivia Fall 2010 Runway}

{Image from Anna Sui Fall 2010 Runway Collection}
I also personally put together what I like to call "color binders", which contain a plethora of magazine tears that I find colorfully inspirational. I pull these tears from a variety of sources such as fashion, home decor, crafting, etc. and put them all together into binders. When I'm in search for a new color flavor, I will turn to these resources to inspire my color stories. Although they usually don't work directly, they do help inspire my color choices, so I don't get stuck in a rut.

{Image from Anna Sui Fall 2010 Runway Collection}

I hope these color stories inspire you and your projects!

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