Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm So Excited & I Just Can't Hide It!

{Photos from Bazaar Magazine, Spring 2010 issue}

I was flipping through my January 2010 Bazaar magazine a few days ago, and came across some beautiful pages full of print trend inspiration, that I just HAD to share with you! I subscribe to a handful of fashion magazines, and for a while now, they have been sadly drab for print lovers like myself. The Spring 2010 runways were overflowing with exuberant much so that the rise of pattern and color was being forecasted as making a huge comeback. Which I ALWAYS like to see and hear!

For a little while now, due to our economic state and troubled times, print just hasn't been grasped confidently by consumers, as wearing print and bright color is a symbol of happiness and exuberance - hence the trends of gray & brown neutrals & dark jewel tones. With 2010 ahead, forecasters are predicting that we will rise above our hardships and want and need to be filled with joy - therefore causing us to express ourselves by joyful fashion.

So, what's better than one print? TWO! One of the top trends in Bazaar? Mixed prints!! YAY!
{"Spring Sneak Peak" Photo from In Style Magazine, Spring 2010}
Another favorite trend of mine is the rise of "Sorbet" shades, a.k.a. "pastels". These crept up on the runways a bit back, and it's exciting to see them FINALLY hit the market in a big and understandable way. I am SOoooo ready for my spring ensemble to be full of soft, light & airy wardrobe additions.

Speaking of sorbet & pastel shades, last weekend, Sandra and I stopped by a Free People store. The whole store was illuminated with clothing of soft & light colors, sheer fabrics with lurex and sweet prints on them, and sequins & beading everywhere. The color theme even got Sandra excited for a fresh new take on Spring - and she's not one to really like "sweet" and "soft" colors!
{Photo from Free People}

How about you? Are you excited about print making a big come back in fashion? Are you ready to joyfully express yourself with pattern? How about the sorbet & soft color trend?


  1. YEAH!!! For print! I will definitely be picking one up! Do you recommend any other magazines for print?

  2. I do spend quite a bit of time at B&N flipping through magazines, in hopes of finding a print gold-mine! I'm hoping the regular fashion magazines will start featuring more print, since it's trending BIG time - Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Lucky, In Style. Lately I've been noticing great print inspiration from UK home magazines. I just picked up Ideal Home, Marie Claire idees, and Better Homes & Gardens "Do It Yourself" (believe it or not), because of the fab print inspiration. Let me know if you find something fab out there!


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