Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hot Blossom Wood Painted Panel Project

A handful of weeks ago, my wonderful friend Holly asked her many artist friends if they would be willing to paint a wood panel for her baby's room. She is such a dear friend, so I raised my hand to pretty-please decorate more than one panel for her - she sent me 3 - YAY!

Lucky me, she chose two of my fabrics from my Hot Blossom collection to decorate her baby girls room in: the large mum print, and the medallion print, both in the Fiesta colorway!! Being the fabulous art director that she is (um...she really is an Art Director!), she gave us a color palette to design into which composed of chocolate brown, aqua, red, orange & green. She also included snapshots of the fabrics, modern furniture & decorations in the baby's room already. Her husband then went and cut 12"x12" wood panels with rounded corners, and mailed them out to each of us. Let the project begin!

Since she used my Hot Blossom fabrics, I wanted to paint some motifs from my fabrics onto the wood panels, to help carry the theme & color story throughout the room. So I took my artwork and played around with the size and layout, printed the designs out from my computer and proceeded to transfer the artwork onto the wood panel.

Many of you probably already know this simple, quick and fun technique:
1. Take your artwork, turn it over and scribble pencil all across the back.

2. Then turn your artwork right-side-up, place it down where you want it to transfer, and proceed with drawing over the top of it. Your pencil texture will transfer the artwork onto your surface.

3. Begin painting away!

After hours of painting I shipped them off to Holly to decorate away! Baby made it just before I did though - bummer! Ha ha, couldn't plan that one! It was so fun to get away from the computer and paint with my hands. I'll have to work on another hands-on project soon. Well, now that I think about it, my next fabric collection "Glam Garden" is coming out next year, so in a few weeks I'll be sewing up some cute samples!! Stay tuned for a Glam Garden sneak peek in 2010!


  1. These are gorgeous-thanks for the instructions!

    I would love to see pics of the room decorated in Hot Blossom! And I can't wait to see your new line!

  2. LOVE THEM!!! IT makes me want to get the paints out and start painting. I especially like the photos of the you painting.

  3. Thanks Jenean & Diane!

    Ooh, I'll try to see if I can get a picture of her baby's room with the Hot Blossom decor.

    Can't wait to share my new line with you too!! : ) soon....


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