Saturday, November 28, 2009


Toasty Tree

Last year, Sandra and I went to Display and Costume here in Seattle to check out their Christmas ornaments and our mouths dropped to the floor - we had never seen trees decked out so fabulously before! In addition to ornaments, there were dripping gems, glitter strands, garlands of butterflies, glass flowers, hip glittered fronds, and the list goes on and on. In the end it made us say ornaments-schmornaments! Roses Tipped With Glitter and Pewter Glass Money-Tree Fronds Glittered & Jeweled Fronds, Flowers & Branches Woodland Creature Decorations

So this weekend we went to Display and Costume again to see what we might discover. And once again, they did NOT disappoint! I snapped some pictures for you this time, so I could share the holiday inspiration. The trees were so stuffed with such beautiful things, that the actual tree was outnumbered!
Close-up of Toasty Tree

What is really fun, is that they have a variety of trees decked out with different theme's and color stories. In a little cove next to the tree, all the coordinating elements are hung from the ceiling, on the wall, and put into beautiful baskets allover, which really makes a statement!
Super-hip, Pewter Art Deco Tree Luscious Vintage Gold & Warm Olive Tree Silver & Gold Tree Winter Wonderland Tree

I almost took this cute little feathered friend home with me. Once we put up our Christmas tree, I might need to go back to Display & Costume and pick him up! Our tree is always in shades of turquoise, teal, green, white & silver. After looking at all these tree's, I may want to try to incorporate some pewter, bronze and white gold this year. All of the metallics are so beautiful! What is your favorite Christmas combination for decorating?

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  1. The old wise owl looks great and the background is perfect! Well done


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