Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hot Blossom finds on Etsy!

I came across some handmade products on Etsy that are using my Hot Blossom fabric collection. So fun to see! I've been dying to see what you crafty creatives out there are making with my fabrics, so this was a sweet treat. I thought I'd post some of the images, and links to the Etsy sellers in case you would like to check them out!!

Made by KimberlyJonesDesigns: Large Clutch Purse

Made by Lireca: Zipper Pouch

Made by gillygoose: Hot Blossom Handbag

Made by minigilmore: Hot Blossom Bag Tote Purse

Made by trendysisters: Knotty Top Shirt Outfit

Made by magicalscraps: Modern Patchwork Scarf

Made by PersnicketyHome: Throw Pillow removable cover

The Classy Crib helps you design perfect baby bedding! You can choose your baby bedding set or bedding component, and then choose your designer fabric collection. She then custom makes your request! I was excited to see my Hot Blossom fabric collection among her list of designer fabrics!

What fun and fashionable items you guys are making out of my Hot Blossom collection! Yay! And by the way - I have a Hot Blossom group on Flickr that I would LOVE for you to load your projects that include Hot Blossom fabrics! I haven't had any takers yet - and I think that's just how it goes for beginning designers (such a lonely road!), but I would love for you to take part and share your work!

Also, I get a bit of requests from you asking where you can find my Hot Blossom fabric collection. Unfortunately I don't know the whereabouts of the line, unless a retailer or e-tailer contacts me, or I happen to stumble across a shop online. So since I'm chatting about Etsy shops here today, I thought I'd give you the links to a few shops who are carrying my fabrics.



  1. What cute, cute things people are making!! Love the bags (especially that one with the dark handles)! Your fabric looks great!

  2. Thanks so much Jenean!! : )

  3. oh my goodness. cuteness overload!!! look at all the fun people are having with your fabrics. i'm so proud!

  4. i need that clutch!!! your work is brilliant on any format, josephine :)


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