Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weekend Project - Wedding Invitations

This weekend I had the fun task of creating my cousin's wedding invitations! I used to do these quite a bit for friends when their blessed occasion would come up, as my wedding gift to them. I enjoyed the design process, creating something that was unique to them as a couple, and the completion of the huge project...and sometimes I would even enjoy the long process of assembling them, piece after piece into the final product...depending on the quantity - ha! My gracious husband would sit with me for hours and help me assemble, which made it much more enjoyable. So this weekend was quite fun for me getting back into it! Giving of my passion and gifts to a family member, and it being something that she enjoys. That's the ultimate fulfillment.

What was fun about these was that she wanted something modern on sparkly paper, and in her colors: green, black & white. She liked one of my paisley's I had already drawn up, which made designing and creating invitations in one weekend a snap! It was really fun to break-apart the paisley pattern and do some unique placement of the motifs on the invite for a more dramatic and unique look. So, the first piece is the full paisley pattern, complete with their monogram initials popped-up on top, and black grosgrain ribbon tied in a half side bow enclosing the 3 pages together. The second page is the main invite and the third page has the directions and other necessary information. Each page has a different element and layout of the paisley pattern on it, and they are mailed away in sparkly green envelopes.
Wedding invitation information blurred for privacy.


  1. Love them! Love the colors. Very different for you Josephine. Not used to seeing you use black.

  2. Wow! Those are GREAT! I'll bet she is really happy with those! You did a fantastic job! I think they are absolutely stunning!

  3. Thanks so much Rebecca!

    Thanks Diane! I KNOW! I've even started wearing black, 2 years ago. You would be proud of me : )
    (for those of you reading, I was super against wearing black for about 7 years because I loved color so much and liked the challenge of mixing up my wardrobe with different color stories...I still don't have a pair of solid black shoes...just can't do it!)

  4. I LOVE these invites. Dang how I wish you were my relative!


  5. i'm LOVING the invites. they turned out so beautifully. and keep wearing the black. it looks good on you!!!

  6. Thanks so much Kasey and Laura!! : )

  7. SOOOO beautiful! you are a rock star!!


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