Thursday, May 28, 2009

Light Brights - Oh My!

Wow! Has it really been so long since I've blogged?! Well, I've been creating and drawing these past few months, and spending every extra hour doing so. I just get so focused and forget the world outside my design room door. Perhaps someday I will show you the projects I'm working on, but for today I must share with you the fabulous color that came in my mailbox!

I just received the J.Crew catalog and the colors really made my heart skip a beat - absolutely STUNNING! This is the way that I absolutely LOVE to see "neon" being used. Little hits here and there, mixed with soft pastels and loads of neutrals. Everything looks so fresh, feminine and beautiful. Makes me want to dig though my closet right now and say goodbye to the long standing jewel tones and hello to soft color! I like to call these new neon's "light brights". Take a peek and let me know if you love? Would you wear neon this way or incorporate it into your projects in little hits?
click on pictures to view fab color up close!


  1. i LOVE the new blog layout. yay!!!! do you ever sleep!?!?!

  2. Hi Josephine! Just a quick note to say that I recently came across your fabrics, and they are STUNNING! I plan to redecorate our den in the "Hot Blossom" line. And - I also found that particular JCrew catalog absolutely stunning - such an amazing use of color! Well, good luck to you in your ventures, and thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. Thanks so much twinmama!! I'm so excited to hear that you have decorating plans for the Hot Blossom fabrics!!

    Laura! Thanks! Sometimes it doesn't feel like I sleep! : )


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