Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Spy a Quarterly Challenge at

I came across an apron made out of my Hot Blossom fabrics, in the Fiesta colorway on the web today at, and am absolutely gushing. So fun!!! I love the blue piping they used with it! This is the first time I've seen someone else make something out of my fabrics, and could not be more overjoyed to see it! There's even a "How To" video showing step-by-step how to make the apron.

This sewing pattern is a part of the Quilts and More Quarterly Challenge.
Each quarter, editors at Quilts and More and American Patchwork & Quilting will challenge you and a friend to create your own imaginative version of a fun project using a FREE downloadable pattern. Complete this 2nd challenge project (this apron) and upload your team photos (up to six photos). To be eligible for prizes, upload by June 15 at 11:59pm CT.


  1. So cute! Are you going to be a Quilt Market?

  2. Hi Genevieve! Unfortunately I'm not going to Quilt Market. Hopefully some day! : )

  3. Very cool! I am so excited about your new line of fabrics.

  4. Thanks so much fresh sodapop!! I'm excited to see what you would make with them!!

  5. What lovely patterns and colors! I am excited to see more, keep them coming!You are very talented.

  6. What a wonderful line of color and style! I am looking forward to seeing more exciting fabrics in your line!


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