Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hot Blossom Fabric Giveaway at "My Aim is True"!

Just in - Amber over at the crafty blog "My Aim Is True" is hosting a Hot Blossom fabric giveaway! We've been scheming this behind the scenes for a little while now and are so excited it's out in the open! She'll be giving away four, yes FOUR, prizes of one yard of 44-inch wide Kona cotton Hot Blossom fabric to each of four winners. To enter, please leave a comment on her blog, telling her what you’d make with your yard of fabric. You may comment until 11:59pm on Thursday, June 26. Four winners will be randomly chosen on Friday morning, June 27 and she will ship your packages out that day!

Thanks so much Amber for all your support! I truly appreciate it and have enjoyed chatting with you! To let you know a little about Amber, she is a graphic designer, web designer, craft maker and 24 hour craft daydreamer (love that!) who helps run the 7 Cities Crafters, a collective for indie artists and crafters in southeast Virginia. Hop on over to Amber's blog "My Aim Is True" to check out the fab things she is up to, as well as to enter for the Hot Blossom fabric giveaway!


  1. I guess someone has to get the ball rolling....

    I would make a little pinafore for my 9 month old daughter, super cute and super stylish!

    Fingers crossed that you will ship to the UK if I'm lucky enough to win.

    PS Love the colours in your blog background.

  2. Hi Rhian! Thanks so much for leaving a comment! : ) Your ideas sound so fun!!
    However, please click on the "Hot Blossom Fabric giveaway" link in my above post, to go to the blog My Aim Is True to enter to win fabric. I am not hosting the giveaway on my blog, and your entry here does not qualify. I definitely want you to be able to put your name in to win!! Best of luck!!

  3. Thanks to everyone commenting over at True Up and entering to win some Hot Blossom Fabric!!! It's so fun to see your ideas!


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