Monday, April 20, 2009

True Up Interview - Part 2

As mentioned previously, here is part 2 of Kim Kight's interview of me at True Up. This time it's about the Hot Blossom collection. She asked me about the inspiration around each pattern and color story, which was really fun to reminisce! Thanks again Kim!

That paisley sure got me (read the interview to understand what I mean). Whenever I see it, I find it humbling and those memories keep me pressing on when I feel stuck...which can be often sometimes. I'm super grateful to Robert Kaufman for picking up the Hot Blossom collection, and am really excited to see what people do with it! I think that will be the most inspiring to me - to see it come alive through another person's perspective. There's something about a creative passing something to another creative, who passes it on to another creative... like we're all collectively working on something fun together and inspiring and being inspired by each other. TAG - you're it! Be sure to upload the fun things you make to the Hot Blossom Flickr group!


  1. Such a great interview, I loved reading about your design process! Hot Blossom is one of my favorite collections of the year!

  2. Great interview, gorgeous fabrics!

  3. Thank you so much Melanie and Angel!! I really appreciate it!


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