Friday, April 10, 2009

I Am A Mac Girl...

Boy it's been such a long time since I've posted anything! I've been hiding out without much to say lately. I'm currently drawing away, working on some ideas for another fabric collection - we'll see how they turn out and if they make the cut! This weekend I plan to sit in front of my computer (like most of my weekends) and create away.

This weekend is an especially exciting one to sit down and create because on Monday, Jake and I drove to Tigard, OR to finally purchase a new computer. It's been about 2 years of wishing to get one, as my old G4 Mac was so outdated that I couldn't use my new scanner I had bought because of the USB connections, nor could I download my music onto my iPhone. Not very helpful for an artist who draws and needs to get her designs into the computer! I had been taking digital pic's of my art and working with those!! Oh boy, my future is looking brighter!

So this weekend was very refreshing walking into the Mac store to buy our beauty - finally. A Mac Pro Quad-Core Intel Xeon. And to top it off we bought Adobe CS4, and I have been gushing to use it. It was taking about 5 minutes on my old computer just to open Photoshop, and when I was working on large pattern repeats, it would freeze and I would just cross my fingers that I wouldn't lose my work. My mind will definitely be at ease now! YAY!! So there it is, out in the open, I am a Mac girl (by night, and a PC girl at work by day). Guess that makes me bilingual? Ha ha!


  1. I sometimes take digital pics of my sketchbook, too!! But I'm glad you'll be "hooked up" now!!

  2. You finally got your computer! You will be shocked at how you ever got anything finished before! Have fun playing!!!

  3. josephine, i am so jealous! i am still working with the same one from (gasp) 2003!! miss you and glad to see that you are doing well, lady.

  4. Thanks everyone for being happy for me being hooked-up now! YAY! Tobe - mine was from 2003 too! A G4 and soooo tired...poor little guy. It died twice and we brought it back to life hoping it would hold on for just a few more months... ; )


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