Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hip Holiday Cards, Invitations & More!

I happily received a huge box of samples on my doorstep and I just HAD to share pics of them with you! These products are from my 'Hip Holiday' collection, and from one of my licensee's, Blend, the licensing division of Anna Griffin, Inc. and are just gorgeous! I love it when you see samples from a licensee and they blow you out of the water with their attention to detail, quality & craftsmanship and design skills. It just makes me gush with happiness!

{3-D Gift Tags, 2 each of 4 designs}

What makes me super-duper excited is that these products are all 'Josephine Kimberling' branded (can you see my logo on the front of the packaging?!?). EEK!!!

 {Greeting Cards, sold individually or in a box of 10 per design}

I absolutely LOVE the holiday cards!! They are 3-D and have a combination of foil or glitter or ribbon on them which makes them extra special. If you're in the market for some holiday cards, please keep mine in mind! I'll keep you posted when I know where you can find them. Which is your favorite? I'd love to know! 

{Imprintable Invitations with diecuts & tip-ons accented with glitter or foil or luscious ribbon! Sold 10 per box of 1 design}

I had already shown you some shots of these products during my Surtex 2012 blog post, when they were debuting at the National Stationery Show at the same time, but thought I'd share (a little bit) better pics and details with you here, now that I have a real camera instead of my phone with me.

{From L to R: Note Pad Set of 3, Paper Placemats pack of 24, 60 foil Sticker Seals, Set of 10 Place Cards and 3D Handmade Stickers 12 per pack}

Getting packages of samples in the mail is truly one of the many fun aspects of licensing. It's really fun to see (and share pics with you!) of the finished products, because it makes it more real - especially since it can take many months for product to be developed.  I truly enjoy what I do and am excited to keep growing my business.

I also received some Hope Chest stationery and office products that I'll share with you later this week! Stay tuned!


  1. i love the one featuring a car with a tree atop it! makes me think of those vintage woodies. love them :)


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