Friday, June 22, 2012

Surtex 2012 & NYC Recap

{Laura and I at Surtex 2012, Day 1}

I thought I'd post about some of the fab restaurants we dined at while in NYC, after the Surtex show each night. I had the pleasure of rooming with Morgan & Carrie from Ampersand Design Studio and Laura from Laura Parke // A Girl Who Makes, so most nights we hung out together in the city which was really wonderful.

I'm super thankful that the girls were 'foodies' because I would be just as happy ordering room service after a long day! BUT I had a blast and absolutely loved each place we went so I'm SO thankful those girls drug me out!

We went to A.O.C. which has a fabulous patio in the back which we stayed at for hours. We could barely see ourselves or the menu but thankfully our orders went in without a hitch and came out super tasty! Morgan took us to Extra Virgin which was the most wonderful, tasty place ever! I think we even ordered appetizers, dinner AND dessert it was that good. We did some shopping in Soho (Topshop being my absolute FAVE!) and stopped into a Herman Miller shop where I found and bought a pillow with a pattern on it that I had seen about 10 years ago, and have been searching for it ever since!

Before heading home, we all met at The Park and dined in their garden area which was just to die for! It was like we were in a green house with really high ceilings, trees growing through the brick floor and birds fluttering about (cute ones...not the seagulls we have in Seattle). The Park is right across the street from The High Line park which was so unique to climb up some stairs and find this pretty park and walkway right above the city streets. And lastly, I was able to hit-up Uniqlo for their Orla Kiely launch where I snagged a few T-shirts in her famous prints!

I had an absolute BLAST hanging out with and catching up with these girls! What a fun trip!! Till next year...


  1. :( bummed i never got to play. glad you guys had a great time, though!

  2. I'm so bummed too! I was so looking forward to spending some time with you and catching up : ( I hope you had a blasting the city!

  3. I get so worn out on trips like this that I am often tempted to order room service. In fact, I do order room service for many of the nights! Yet I love it when I can find the strength and energy to go out and spend time with others eating, drinking and talking! As hard as it can be to make myself go out when I am run down, I never regret doing it! Always great fun!

  4. Jenean - YES! I must confess, I did have a pizza delivered one night and went to bed early because I was wiped out! : ) I'm super thankful to those girls for dragging me out - I never regret it either!


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