Friday, March 23, 2012

My Print on American Idol Judge Randy Jackson

OK, this is kinda fun. Wednesday night I was watching to Top 10 perform on American Idol, and as Randy Jackson (one of the judges) was talking I'm looking at his shirt and thinking....that print....looks's MY print!!! So I pull up my iPad and find the print I have posted on Flickr to show my husband to make sure I wasn't crazy...and crazy I was not! SO FUN!

I tweeted about it, but thought I'd send you guys a picture too for fun.

 {Screenshot from the American Idol video 'Top 10 Perform' - Randy & J.Lo}

It's funny because when I designed this navy/gold/brown colorway for my 'Dot Tac Toe' print, I was thinking of how it would work awesome for a guy. For my Just Dandy photo shoot I SO wanted to have a tie or a button-up shirt made out of it for a little boy, but just didn't get around to it. So here it is! Awesome! Made my evening for sure!


  1. Congratulations! This is awesome!

  2. Do you have a copyright on it... or did you sell it to a fabric company... My question is how did it get made into a fabric and then a shirt for Randy... Isn't it sole property of yours? Wow, how cool.. but totally puzzling.

    1. Hi Trayne - great questions! I'll try to answer them for you - I own the copyright to this artwork, and it's filed with the copyright office. I licensed this artwork to Robert Kaufman for fabric. Robert Kaufman sells fabrics to clothing manufacturers also, in addition to the quilting market. So, my guess is one of two things could be going on 1) A clothing manufacturer chose this print to be used on fabric and have garments made out of it or 2) Someone had this shirt hand-made for Randy which isn't unheard of in that industry. Since this print is in the same colorway and it's in a fabric material, it doesn't raise red flags to me. Hope this helps to solve a little bit of the puzzle! Thanks for bringing this up!!

  3. OMG, that I freakin awesome!!!

  4. wow, that's exciting!! Congratulations!

  5. That would have to be the most exciting thing to happen!

  6. Thanks so much everyone!! So fun!!


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