Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cozy Christmas Wreath Project

Between working on Christmas projects, designing my holiday cards & creating a 2012 desk calendar on top of everyday work, things have been a bit busy around here and my blog has been a little neglected. Oopsy! I thought I'd hop on here and go ahead and share with you my Cozy Christmas Wreath project I just finished up. SO fun!!

I helped make some of these for friends and just HAD to rush home and make one for myself! In my rush, I settled for a 14" wreath, but I would have much rather had a larger one, if I took the time to do some research, as this one is a bit smaller than I'd like for my front door. But doesn't this look fun, festive and cozy!! I absolutely LOVE felt flowers, so I kept making them and added more and more...I was even tempted to make a whole wreath out of felt flowers, but I really liked the wooly wreath too much to cover it all up.

Here are the instructions for you, in case you want to make one for yourself. Total time=2 hours. Great to make while watching a movie.

To make this exact wreath, you will need:
  • 1, 14" straw wreath - keep the plastic wrapping on it
  • 1 package of 'Wool-Ease', Thick & Quick yarn (I used an Oatmeal color with flecks)
  • Felt in a variety of colors - approx 2, 9x12 sheets for each large & medium flower. 1 sheet for small & mini flowers.
  • Scissors
Wrap the wreath with the yarn, making sure you cover the wreath completely. I went over places multiple times to make it thick.

Make a variety of felt flowers in different sizes and colors. Each felt flower is made up of 8 circles. I made 4 different sizes of flowers for my wreath: 1 large flower using a 5" circle. 4 medium flowers using a 4" circle.  2 small flowers using a 2.5" circle. 3 mini flowers using a 1.75" circle.

Once your felt circles are cut, fold a circle in half. Cut 2 slits at the fold in the center, about 1/4"-1/2" long and leaving about 1/4" of room between the slits. Cut 1 foot of the yarn you used to wrap the wreath, for each flower you want to make. Thread the yarn through the slits of each of the 8 pieces of felt that make up a flower. Once all are threaded, tie a tight knot at the base & leave the tails as you will use them to attach the flowers to the wreath. Arrange the felt nicely to make the flower.

Arrange each of the felt flowers on top of your wreath in any way you desire. Tie them down in the back of the wreath with a knot. Snip the edges. Once you are completed, hang on your door to provide a warm welcome for your guests!

Keep me posted if you make one!! I'd love to see!!

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  1. Looks great! I think you should make a spring wreath with flowers out of your fabrics!


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