Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Heartspiration: Self-Determination

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I was inspired today by this post from Tara Gentile, a creative business coach & consultant, and since this thought topic has been on my mind for - oh, about a month or two - I figured what better time to talk about it than now? (I apologize right now for the lack of beautiful, inspiring pics on this one!)

What's all this about? Self-Determination - and I'll throw in a few drops of discipline and consistency while I'm at it. Do you have it? Do you want it?

As many of you who have been reading along over the past few months have known, I left the corporate world I lived in for 12 years, and it's been about 6 months ago now (more about that here). Working for myself has been a wonderful blessing full of adventure, creativity and being able to take the reigns in my life like never before. Instead of being a quiet horse in someone else's carriage, I get to drive the carriage and shout my voice from the top of my lungs (which explodes with rainbows and flowers - just sayin'). Love.

Here's a little story about the journey and discoveries along the way of working for myself...

In the corporate world, I had a mentor. A pretty hard-core business minded one. Savvy. Brilliant. She asked what my passions were - I mentioned a pretty big one. She said 'I don't believe you, because if you loved it so much, you would make time to do it.' I bawlked. I wholeheartedly disagreed. I understood it was her point of view but marched in the opposite direction. (Hey, I'm a passionate creative, yes?)

I figured - 'when I work for myself, my life will look like FITB!'...balanced, gym goer, get my social life back, you name it, FITB for yourself. (I'll use going to the gym as an example because who can't relate to THAT one?) Then I started working for myself and wha? I didn't go to the gym. I had all this 'extra' time and I wasn't going to the gym. It finally struck me like lightening, what my mentor was getting at. Then I realized...I must not really WANT to go because I'm not making time for it. In theory I do, but obviously, if I really wanted to, I would make time to do it, not make excuses. I'd decide to put in the effort and the discipline.

Simple concept, but really, how many of us make excuses to not live the life we want? How many of us blame FITB for not being able to do FITB? Although I still don't whole heartily agree with what my mentor was saying, cause hey, LIFE happens, and it IS truly difficult to 'have it all', if not impossible. Wanting something doesn't mean it's going to auto-magically start happening when your 'excuse' has disappeared. It doesn't mean it's going to be easy or natural. It means you have to fight for it. To have self-determination. To have consistency & discipline. To push past yourself to achieve yourself.

Once I grasped that (yes, simple concept, but can be difficult to muster up the strength over and over again for each new thing you want to add into your life!) then I held the reigns tighter. Got focused & determined. Worked on consistency. And now I've said goodbye to the horse & carriage and am a steam engine.

How about you? What do you have a passion for that you're just not doing? What's standing in your way? How do you need to shift your priorities around to achieve the life you want and need to live? As Nike says so brilliantly - 'Just do it!'.

{PS - FITB=Fill in the Blank}


  1. It is like you read my mind and knew exactly what I need to hear this morning! I too have been trying to fight for what I want and it is too true that you have to make it happen for yourself. I am so inpsired today after reading this--thank you!


  2. Hi Keely - Oh, I'm so glad that this post was just what you needed to hear and inspired you! Yay! You are right-steadily pressing on is the way to go. : )

  3. I really needed to hear this too. For far too long, I've just been wasting away dreaming of all I'd like to do. But now, I've STARTED!!! My floor excersizes frist because of my disabilities that's it till I'm stronger, and organizing!!! May sound simple to you however, when it's hard to keep focused it will take me hours to so what some can do in minutes! Thanks again - Lynn Schon


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