Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Booth at Surtex 2011

Well, I'm back from Surtex 2011! What a show! Here's a pic of me with my booth on day 3. Pattern & color explosion! Just the way I like it!

Surtex was just amazing. I walked the show last year, which was very helpful, and I would recommend to any artist out there who is thinking of exhibiting. Putting together a booth that represented my work was very fulfilling to do. There were a lot of fabulous companies walking through the show which was really exciting.

I was so grateful for my friend Holly who came to help me set things up, including constructing those amazing paper flowers! They took us about 9 hours to complete - quite a job, but well worth it. My wonderful friend Karin sewed the table skirt and chair covers for me too, out of my new fabric collection 'Just Dandy!', which is shipping this month!

I met and introduced myself to lots of fabulous artists during the show, such as Robin Pickens, Kate Spain, Erin McMorris, Patty Young, Genevieve Gail, Laurie Wisbrun, Jessica Swift, & Bj Lantz who was across from me and gave me great advice as a first timer.

{Paper Flowers we made out of my patterns}
Holly and I had a great time in NYC! We went and saw Spiderman on Broadway, which was absolutely phenomenal!!! I would definitely recommend it!! Thanks to some locals, we ate at a tasty & beautiful Thai restaurant called Room Service. Also, one evening ordered doughnut ice cream sandwiches from Holey Cream, and had them delivered to our hotel room, after a long day. I thought they would be gross, but they were quite amazing! I ended up eating at one of my favorite breakfast spots The Barking Dog 3 times while I was in NYC. It was a great place to catch up with my good friend Diane Kappa before she went back to Budapest.

Now that I'm back home in the Seattle area, I'm reaching out to all the fabulous contacts I've made and working away doing what I absolutely love!


  1. soooo exciting! wish i could have seen your booth in person, Josephine - it seriously looks amazing!! ox

  2. it looks absolutly amazing. i am in London and would so love to visit New York. Do you sell wholesale by the way?

  3. Your booth was definitely one of my faves at the show, SO pretty! It was lovely to meet you and hope to see you again next year! XO

  4. josephine, way to go!!! the booth setup looks incredible and so so YOU! i'm so proud, happy and excited for you!!!

  5. Josephine,
    It was so great to meet you in person! Your booth looked fantastic and I am looking forward to seeing your new collection out in stores. Good luck with follow-ups from the show- I'm sure you have lots of work ahead!

  6. Fantastic and beautiful, congrats!

  7. Thanks so much everyone!!!

    Robin - it was SO great to meet you in person! Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

    Genevieve - see you next year! Great to meet you too!


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