Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photoshoot Complete!

After spending a few months sewing and preparing for the February photoshoot of my Hot Blossom fabric collection, it has finally come to completion! Thank you so much for all of your sewing help Cheryl, Karin, and Sandra!! None of this could have happened without you!

When down to the last 2 weeks, I have to say I definitely learned how to sew a few things. Ha! I've learned that it's pretty amazing what you can do when it's down to the wire and you push yourself. I sewed a dress, a tank top, a handbag and 2 scarves - I think I'm more scared of sewing than my skills are aware...although I did have to seam rip about 2 times per garment because I got super confused when trying to follow sewing directions. I learned a lot though, and it's pretty darn fulfilling to have a finished item! I may get hooked...

So I'm in the process of editing the photo's, and will have them up on my newly designed website shortly. I can't wait for you to see them! A special thanks to some great girl friends Lisa, Danielle and Allie who struck a pose for me in the Hot Blossom-ed clothes! You girls look fabulous!!! AND I can not thank enough Pat Cowan from Pacific Galleries for bringing some antique props for us to use, out of the kindness of your heart! (Anyone shopping antiques in Seattle, be sure to check out her fab stuff!!)

I have to say, I am so thankful for those of you around me pitching in to support my new little venture - even some of you without knowing me very well. It's so encouraging and so humbling. I super appreciate you. Thank you!!

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