Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Global Bazaar Fabric Collection Photo Shoot

My latest fabric collection 'Global Bazaar' with Blend Fabrics started shipping in January.
Woo-hoo! 4 weeks later, I FINALLY got my photos from my Global Bazaar photo shoot back last night, and I'm just dying to share them with you! If you follow me on Facebook, you've probably already had a chance to check them out on my website. However, for all of you who visit my blog, I wanted to share some of my favorite photos and a bit about the day.

My vision for my Global Bazaar photo shoot was to have a teepee on a beach. That's where it all started. From there I decided to cover some vintage suitcases with my fabrics from this collection to round out the theme, make some pillows, borrow the gorgeous quilts that were made by Metropolitan Quilt for Blend Fabrics, create a backdrop out of flag tape, and bring one of my living room chairs to the beach. What a day!

 {Vintage suitcases I covered with my fabrics}

I found these suitcases on CraigsList about a 2 hour drive away, and my husband and I took a morning to drive and pick them up. I covered all of the hardware with masking tape, and I spray painted the edges and the handles black. I then covered the suitcases with my fabrics using (original, matte finish) Mod Podge, a foam brush, and (multiple) fresh blades on an x-acto knife.   

{Close-up of my Global Bazaar fabric collection}

As I was determined to finish all 3 suitcases in one sitting, cutting around the hardware just about put me over the edge! It took me 6 hours to complete this project, and I must say that they are absolutely GORGEOUS in person! The Mod Podge dried completely clear. They still feel like fabric to the touch, as I didn't put a sealer on them since they're for decoration not for really traveling

Also, doing a photo shoot on the February was not particularly genius because of how cold it was. My poor models were freezing but I must say that they constantly had a smile on their faces and were having a blast! Whew!

For this photo shoot, I decided to keep it smaller than my previous ones, for many reasons. One being that this year, I'll have 3 fabric lines coming out with Blend Fabrics. Three!!! With 3 fabric collections vs. 1 this year, I need to conserve my resources and my energy to be able to do photo shoots for each. Speaking of which - I am in need of sewers who can help me out...but that's another blog post.

 {Victory Patterns 'Roxanne' and 'Simone'}

In keeping with a smaller shoot, I sewed two garments this time, and excitedly used patterns from Victory Patterns. I LOVE Victory Patterns due to their fashion forward styles. The garments fit like regular clothes too, which is dreamy. The garment on the left uses Victory Pattern 'Roxanne' and the garment on the right uses pattern 'Simone'.


I LOVE the back of the 'Simone' high-low hem dress with the contrasting pattern! I used my Global Bazaar fabrics: Global Bazaar floral Red, Chimera Gray, and Hand-drawn Stripe Red for piping.

The collar on this 'Roxanne' top is to-die-for! What a great sewing pattern!
For this pattern, I used my Global Bazaar fabric 'Dancing Geos Blue', along with a black sequin fabric and a solid pink cotton.


Above is a bolster pillow that I created (and hope to put together a free sewing pattern for you...).

I must say that I'm quite proud of myself for creating everything for this shoot on my own. Although, I know now that next time I will definitely need some help! It's just too much to do it all and be successful at running my business (& preparing for Surtex!) as well. I hope to blog soon about how much I need you. Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy these Global Bazaar photos and that they inspire you to use my fabrics for your own creations! If  you'd like to see more photo's, I've uploaded them to Flickr, and also created a slide-show on my website for you to watch. Please do share what you create! I'd love to see!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I've been up to!


  1. Oh what a lovely collection! I first heard of you at Quilt Market last fall when I bought a bundle of your collection Hope Chest. It's so beautiful that I can harldy cut it a part to make a quilt... For the time being I'm just keeping it at my art studio...

    1. You are so sweet! I'm so glad you found my Hope Chest fabrics at Quilt Market. Thanks for finding me on my blog and I'm happy to hear you like this collection! I LOVE that you can't cut into Hope Chest - that makes me smile. I hope you find the perfect project for it, so cutting into it becomes easier ; )

  2. Wow! So pretty...I love the suitcases.


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