Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

I've been dying to use my new Valentine stamps, to make some cute cards, and send some love to friends! Thankfully, a good friend of mine was in need of making a few cards herself - which was the perfect excuse to set some time aside and create away! AND the perfect excuse to make a trip to Impress to pick up some new and fun ink colors, papers and ribbons! She came over and we spent a few hours creating away - complete with screams and clapping when we created something we just couldn't STAND the cuteness of. LOVE friends like that! We easily could have spent a full day creating! I made about 20 cards, but kept it do 4 different designs. I had tons of more ideas but not the time to execute them = bummer! These puppies are in the mailbox today and making their way to some friends' homes and hearts.

{A handful of my new Valentine stamps}

You can find all of my new stamps on the Impress website, and loads of card ideas on their Facebook page too. I just love how involved their community is! I think the best part for me is seeing what people makes using my stamps. SUCH a treat!

Even though it's a little early - Happy Valentines Day!! Sending you love from Seattle!

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