Tuesday, September 27, 2011

From My Shelf: Elle Decoration · April 2011

Blues and greens are my absolute FAVORITE colors. Seriously. If I could cover my house, walls, furniture, etc. in just these colors I would be a happy girl! For many years I've wanted an aqua blue couch..or bright teal...so when I came across these tears from Elle Decoration's April 2011 issue, I just had to take the magazine home with me so I could add the tears to my inspiration library.  

I love in this magazine spread how they are taking different fabrics that revolve around a color story and piecing them together for wall hangings, table runners, mix and match pillows and upholstery.

I have a slight addiction, I must admit, to magazines. I think I may have come clean to you in a previous blog post? If not, I'm coming clean now {smile}. It's one of the things Jake and I love to go and do together - sit at Barnes and Noble, grab a stack of magazines and a coffee {ahem - a tall nonfat chai with six pumps of chai and no water - to be exact!}, and search for the best ones to take home with me. 

Just the other day I was going through my plethora of magazine inspiration tears - remember this blog post about my organization process, or this one about magazines I've had since 2002? - and thought to myself - 'Wow! I've gathered some beautiful and awesome stuff and it's just sitting in a stack!'...(because I have more inspiration tears and magazines than I have time to tear them apart and create beautiful books out of them). And with that, I thought I'd start sharing with you some of the highlights of my magazine shopping. I hope you enjoy and I hope that the pics I start sharing will inspire you to pick up that magazine at your local newsstand or start an addiction of your own! (Or maybe a slight craving to be surrounded by more beauty cause I don't want to encourage addiction {wink, wink}).


  1. Hi, my name is Sheila, and I'm addicted to magazines, too. If the budget permitted it, I would buy...actually, I don't really know how many I would buy every month if money were no object. More than would be healthy, that's for sure!

    I LOVE the hall vignette in the 3rd image, especially the matching-but-different Wishbone chairs. Perfection.

  2. Great to meet you Sheila! We are two girls in the same boat, that's for sure!
    I love that pic too! I plan to use it for color inspiration when I have a hallway someday : ) It's so yummy!! And mix & match chairs are so against what I'm used to, but I LOVE the look! Coordinating but not exact matches.

  3. Hi Josephine, I agree, a magazine "whore" I call myself...and I use the magazines I collect to create manifestation mod boards for myself, add images to my journal for inspiration and generally get direction creatively when I am feeling less than. Great clips! Color is the most inspirational part of the design process for me.

  4. Hi Nicole! Thanks for sharing your creative process as well! SO fun to hear that you create mood boards, add to journals and draw inspiration from magazines. SO TRUE that they are such a great 'creative jumpstart' when feeling blah.


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