Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Valentine Stamps at Impress!

{Card 1: Peacock Feather stamp, Card 2: Sailboat Combo stamp}

Last weekend I stepped into Impress in University Village, and took some pictures of the cards they made using my new Valentine stamps. It was so fun to chat with the girls working there that morning, and to see the different ideas they came up with using my stamps! It was really fun to see how they translated my sailboat stamp, as that was exactly how I pictured it!

{Card 1: Rose Wallpaper + Happy Valentine's Day stamps, Card 2: Folk Flower + Flourish Border stamps,
Card 3: Flourish Medallion stamp}

What's really fun too, is that Impress is giving you more bang for your buck by creating some stamps to be two in one! For example, with the Sailboat Combo stamp, you get both the sailboat illustration AND the words, which are on the side of the stamp. For the Cross My Heart combo, you get the stitched, crossed argyle stamp AND the words 'cross my heart' on the side. Nice treat, huh?

{Card 1: Flourish Medallion + Happy Valentine's Day stamps,
Card 2: Peacock Feather + Happy Valentine's Day stamps}

{Card 1: Flowery Heart with Swirls + Happy Valentine's Day stamps, Card 2: Cross My Heart combo stamps}

For those of you who create your own valentine cards, treat bags, and the like, you can order a variety of fun stamps and supplies online at Impress! Happy stamping, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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