Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm Loving Pink!

While aqua blue will always be my favorite color, I must say that I haven't met a color that I hate...well, black isn't a fave of mine, but more on that later. And lately a color I find myself drawn to is PINK! Yes, pink - in all shades, from neon pink, hot pink, blush, champagne and the like my closet has been filling up with these colors. It all started with a dress from Topshop, then a necklace from Forever 21, then a top from H& get the picture. The next thing I know I find myself wearing it a lot and being drawn to it a lot.

{from left to right: Anthropologie knob, coin purse, skirt, H&M dress, Matt & Nat bag, Mulberry bag, Anthropologie bootie.}

I've always found that hot pink is a color that creatively inspires me. I just like being surrounded by it! However, since I'm a blue and green girl I never do just that. It seems strange to me that I'm attracted to this color, especially with being a redhead, as it doesn't quite work.

Which makes me remember that when I was in high school, in a home economics class we did this experiment where we were trying to see how different colors look against the face and to see what 'season' we were (remember that?). So each person in our group had the chance to have a ring of fabric swatches put against their face to find out their magic colors. Low and behold, for me, each color was a no...most girls had 5+ colors that looked stunning on them, but not moi! The color that had everyone stopping when it came to me? Baby pink. And the funny and sad thing? That pink was SoOooo NOT hot back then. It was like the kiss of death! ha ha! So in the end I guess I was happy that at least one color worked!

So, about black - just because I said "more on that later". I've had such a bad relationship with black. I think it likes me but I don't like it. Once I got into fashion and started working with color, for years and years and years I did everything I could to not buy black. Why would I buy a color that was the absence of all colors? Why choose black when there are so many beautiful shades out there? Why wear black pants with a top when I could wear taupe or sage with shoes in a pop color? Um, ok I think you get the picture!

So, now black and I are on speaking terms at least. I find it's a good color for when I'm not feeling super-duper pleasant. With my black wearing friends, I have put much effort into trying to inspire and turn them to the color side. Oh yes, it's a good day when I see them wear color! Makes me absolutely HAPPY!

SoOoo, anywhoo! That's that about black - and pink! Loving it! (pink, not black). I hope it sticks around for a while! You?

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  1. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    I particularly like that bright pink skirt in the second picture. Great finds!


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