Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My New Spring Stamps at Impress!

My new spring rubber stamp designs are out at Impress Rubber Stamps! Today I swung over to their University Village location, and in the window I saw the cards they made with my stamps, as well as large window decals of my designs. I about DIED! They did such a spectacular job!!

I went inside to see if I could sneak some pictures of the beautiful cards they made for their displays. After shyly explaining who I was and how I would love to take pictures of the cards they made out of my stamps, thankfully the girls were completely sweet and let me snap away!

The teams at Impress do such a BEAUTIFUL job creating their display samples! Their cards exemplify a great mix of modern style using the latest techniques, colors and doodads! I always love peeking inside their stores, and never leave empty handed.

Speaking of which, their annual ONLINE sale is April 1st - 11th, and for those who live in the Seattle area, their annual IN STORE spring sale April 15th - 18th! This includes all new spring goodies! So, if you're on the hunt for some new spring stamps {hint hint ; )} or some new supplies be sure to check them out online!


  1. Yay! So cool! The stamps are gorgeous and I love the display!

  2. what!?!?! you are famous! love the stamps!

  3. Wow they look fantastic, love the style of the stamps and the colours. I am bit of a traditionalist when it comes to writing thank you cards and always on the hunt for new ones!

  4. Thanks so much everyone!!! It's so fun, exciting and rewarding to see what people come up with when playing with the stamps!


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