Sunday, March 7, 2010

Glam Garden Photo Shoot Process

Now that the Glam Garden photo shoot over, I thought I'd share a bit about how the day went, what I've learned in the process, and the people who have helped me along the way!

First off - Sewing the garments in the fabrics
To be honest, I'm not a huge sewer. Since I work full time, I have limited time, and that time is spent creating artwork. However, since I've designed fabric collections, I have jumped right in and start sewing away! I knew that if I got into fabrics that I would absolutely need to sew them into garments because I feel compelled to tell the complete visual story of the collection.

With Glam Garden, my friend Cheryl (who sewed almost all of my Hot Blossom samples last time) sewed 2 of the 8 garments for me, which was a huge help! Then I tackled the other 6. I have to say, this time around I was getting faster and understanding the terminology much better. Still far from being pro, but I was able to get through them with minimal seam ripping (=growth)!

Here's what I learned how to do this time:
Put in an invisible zipper and a regular zipper, gathering and ruffles, pleats, sew on sequin trim, sleeves and armholes, put in an elastic casing, inset and applied necklines, and lined bodices. Whew! I get tired just thinking about it. I think my sewing brain grew 8 sizes during those 3 weeks of sewing!

The week before the photo shoot, I had a "free" evening and wanted to make an extra prop, so I designed and sewed together this ruffle pillow. Someday I will put together the instructions for you and offer it as a free download on my website.

So I wanted to take a minute to answer some questions that I seem to get often. It's always fun for me to see what people are interested in. The questions? "What sewing patterns do you use for your photo collections?", "Do you design them yourself?", "Where can I find them?", "What do you do with the garments when the photo shoot is done?". So, I thought I'd answer those questions right here for you.

"What sewing patterns do you use for your photo collections?" and "Where can I find them?".

I actually use Simplicity sewing patterns because they have more modern designs such as Project Runway and Cynthia Rowley (which I HEART!!). If you go to my website, I have posted all of the sewing pattern numbers that I used in both the Glam Garden and Hot Blossom collections, under the Inspiration page. All of the sewing patterns can be found at your local sewing store.

"Do you design them (the sewing patterns) yourself? They look so hip!"
Why thank you! As mentioned above, I don't design them myself. However some day if I can make it in this industry I would absolutely LOVE to design sewing patterns and put out a line that is modern and feminine for the younger generation (20's & 30's)...someday. I would definitely need to be partnered with a fabulous technical designer who can write the instructions, do the technical drawings and grade the patterns. {Any takers?}

I do spend a lot of time deciding which pattern I will use and which fabrics I will use with that pattern. I scan in the pattern's technical drawing and put my fabric designs in them, in Photoshop, so I can plan out my "line" before starting to sew.

"What do you do with the garments when the photo shoot is done?"
Well, sadly for some, they sit in my closet. However, I do think that I will pull some of them out this spring to wear them. To me they are like things I would put in a hope chest or something just because of the memories, and being able to see and keep something sewn-up in my fabrics is quite sentimental to me. I work in the fashion industry so I do get to see my artwork on garments already, but this is a bit different because the artwork that is on the fabrics I was able to create myself without an art director.

I also wanted to let you know who helped contribute and make the photo shoot possible to offer them a BIG thanks!

For a free pattern for the Glam Garden fabric collection for Robert Kaufman, I collaborated with my friend Karin {fashion designer} on the Luscious Bow Tote which is on my website as a free download, and also on Robert Kaufman's website. She wrote the instructions and did the technical drawings for me, which was a lifesaver!

Tina Michalik designed the Big Zag free pattern download for Robert Kaufman for my Glam Garden fabric collection launch. Not only that, but Tina graciously sent me her quilt so I could use it in my photo shoot!

Danielle Howarth from Dani Bags Boutique contacted me and offered to make me a bag from her Sophia Collection for my photo shoot, which was awesome! It turned out SO beautiful!!! Now SHE is an amazing sewer. It looks completely professional!
{Dani Bags Boutique - Handbag from the Sophia Collection}

My friend Amelia just opened up her home to teach yoga in Seattle, and offered her home to me for the photo shoot, which was perfect because she is quite the minimalist so the house was like a blank canvas for us to use! And if anyone is in Seattle and looking to do yoga, find Amelia. She can do things I didn't know were possible and is quite the amazing teacher!

My aunt and cousins came over one night to make the adorable tissue paper pom pom's that you see in the photo shoot, which turned into a really fun time being able to catch up with the girls and be crafty at the same time!

Natalie Grummer from natalie g. | photography did my photo shoot again. I absolutely love the lightness and airiness of the photo's! My cute friends braved the modeling adventure again, and my wonderful sister-in-law came to help set-up and offer support.

And of course, last but definitely not least, my amazing husband who jumped on board to do anything and everything that was needed to make it all possible and not have me fall apart in the process. I am so thankful for his eagerness, positivity and support. {Thanks Jake : ) }

So, yes, it took a small village to pull things off. I did learn however that I will need to get a bigger village to help the next time - that was my big lesson this time around. Ask. For. Help...even if it's hard to do so!

Perhaps next time I would like to solicit some help from people who are great and fast at sewing-and of course to be able to contribute to another person's business {love!}. If you or someone you know are avid sewers, please do e-mail me at along with your contact information, photo examples of your skills, and price so I can keep you on file and contact you in the future! You. Could. Save. My. Live. Seriously!

For more behind-the-scenes information about my Glam Garden photo shoot, stop over to Robert Kaufman's blog The Swatch and Stitch.

Well, thanks for coming along and reading along about my journey! I hope you enjoy my new Glam Garden fabric line, pictures, free download and inspiration!


  1. Uhm... you can send all of the garments to me so they don't have to sit in your closet!!!

  2. I just love all of the photos you've done for both of your collections. They are so fabulously styled. You really capture the essence of your fabrics with these garments and the photos.

    I, too, love the Cynthia Rowley and Project Runway patterns. Not that I can sew much yet, but when I have people make things for me, those are the patterns I like best! They are so stylish and offer so many options. And while I know you are busy, just know that I will be the first one to download that pillow pattern once you get it up because that is the cutest pillow I've ever seen! Great job with everything!!


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