Monday, August 22, 2011

Missoni for Target

I'm SO excited for Target's new designer collaboration with Missoni!! Missoni for Target will be unleashed starting September 13th and will run until October 22nd and is bursting with over 400 pieces of stylish items in a multitude of categories from women's, men's, children's, home, accessories, lifestyle, and office products. This is Target's largest designer collaboration to date!

You can check out the entire collection here.

Some of my favorites are the home office products, frames, outdoor seating, plates, mugs & zigzag sweaters and and and...What about you? Any specific items on your list?

{Image from InStyle Magazine, September 2011 issue}

Friday, August 19, 2011

My First REAL Vacation

A couple of weeks ago, Jake and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. We decided to take our first real vacation and visit the Grand Canyon. Pretty sad that it's taken us 10 years (and for me, my whole adult life) to actually take a real vacation - which to me is a vacation that doesn't revolve around visiting family or friends or to get a new job, but one where we can turn off the electronics and just BE.

It was quite breathtaking and spectacular, and a nice shake-up of warm weather from the dreary one we had been having in the Seattle area this year. I was kinda hoping to be a little sun-kissed by the time I got back so I could bask in the sunshine's warmth for a little while, but that SPF 60 really did it's job! Bummer - although I am glad I wasn't a crispy fry, like usual.

We slammed out the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in one day. Our brand new camera we bought was having technical difficulties and wouldn't snap a pic if it's life depended on it, so we were stuck with cell phone snaps on day 1 (although the pics above turned out pretty well, yes?). Low and behold we finally got it fixed (thanks to a brand new firmware download that just came out which saved our frustration level and camera-chucking-out-the-window reflex from happening).

So, since we had 4 days left to spend on our vacation we visited the North Rim and Zion National Park. Let me tell you - Zion stole the cake! It was breathtaking and beautiful. Instead of looking out across vast amounts of canyon we got to be down in the canyon looking up. Although I'm not an outdoorsy kinda girl, I could definitely appreciate the beauty!

I think this has definitely taught me to take more real vacations in my life and more regularly. I'll have to start compiling a list of places to visit. Anyone have any favorite spots for weekend getaways or real vacations? I'd love your recommendations!

On another note - 10 years of being married has been such a wonderful adventure! I'm such a lucky girl to be married to my best friend and favorite person in the world. I remember on our first anniversary saying 'I can't wait till our 10 year' - and here we are - time just flew by in a wink. Looking forward to the next 10+!


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