Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Book Review: Naive - Modernism And Folklore In Contemporary Graphic Design

For those of you who know me well, you know that I am a HUGE book lover! The particular category of books that I love are those that have a focus on pattern, art, crafting, fashion illustration and design - ones that are done really well and include a plethora of inspiration. I am definitely a researcher and collector of information! Jake and I are often at Barnes & Noble and there I am perusing books and gathering my list of must haves and duds. My personal Amazon wish list is about 8 pages long - ok I think you get the point! So I thought I'd start sharing with you my book findings and give you information so you can decide if the book is right for you. Please do let me know what information would be helpful to you, and leave comments if you have any particular questions about the book. Enjoy!

The first book up is:
Naive - Modernism and Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design.
I first came across this wonderful book on one of my trips to Anthropologie, flipped through it and immediately knew it was a true gem! It's 176 pages are loaded with beautiful and contemporary illustrations ranging from textiles and stationary to poster art and book covers. The editors did an impeccable job at selecting the artwork to go into this book because every page is inspiring, vibrant and shows a variety of modern artistic techniques. The artists chosen to be represented in this book are of high caliber, and their work speaks for itself. Some of the artists represented are: Helen Dardik, Matte Stephens, Jenn Ski, Hanna Werning, Public Domain & James Gulliver Hancock. The only text in this book are captions at the bottom of each page giving credit to the artist who's work is being shown. I
highly recommend this book, as it's one of the most well done inspiration pieces I've seen in a long time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My New Christmas Rubber Stamp Designs at Impress Rubber Stamps

About two months ago I worked on some Christmas designs for Impress Rubber Stamps, and now they are in the stores and ready to ship! Christmas already you ask? Oh yes! This weekend I pulled out all of my old stamping supplies and went to town playing with the new images, which was a LOT of fun! After spending a few hours creating cards, I am now excited and ready for Christmas to come. I really enjoy working with my hands, and this weekend has been so refreshing to step away from my computer and create fun things while getting messy with ink and glitter. Note to self: do this more often!

Impress Rubber Stamps is a Seattle based company, and has been around since 1987. They have three retail locations in Seattle and ship their stamps all over the world. They were around before the scrapbook boom and were known for creating modern looking cards as well as using unique supplies and techniques before anyone else. Check them out, peruse their stamps and ideas pages online - and yes they DO ship directly to you, so if there are some fun doodads you must have and some pretty stamps you want to work with, you can order online. Yay!

I had the joy of working retail for Impress while I was in college, which was so much fun because I got to play with all the new stamps, supplies and papers, as well as test out new techniques in order to create cards for display. What a fun job, right? I continued working for them when I got out of college and started my career because it was such a fun experience that grew into designing artwork for their stamp line as well as teaching stamping classes. So working with them again after so many years was quite nostalgic and fun.
Stamps used from left to right: Card 1) 5093D-Berry Branch: $7.75,
5092D-Ornaments: $7.75, Card 2) 5094D-Cozy Snowman: $7.75,

5086E-Etched Snowflake: $8.75,
5087D-Lacy Snowflake: $7.75,5088D-Flurry Snowflake: $7.75

How many of you out there stamp and scrapbook? Do you make your own Christmas cards? Or if you don't do you plan to do so this year? Every year I used to make my own Christmas and Valentines day cards. I would design one and then buy all of the supplies and set-up my assembly line. I haven't done so for the past few years now, but perhaps sometimes in the years to come I will once again indulge in the creativity of working with my hands around the holidays.
Stamps used from left to right: Card 1) 5089E-Baubles Tree: $8.95,
Card 2) 5090E-Beaded Flourish: $8.75, 5096D-Happy Holidays Frame: $7.75,
5087D-Lacy Snowflake: $7.75

Stamps used from left to right: Card 1) 5086E-Etched Snowflake: $8.75,
5095D-Let It Snow: $7.75, 5087D-Lacy Snowflake: $7.75,
Card 2)
5090E-Beaded Flourish: $8.75, 5088D-Flurry Snowflake: $7.75,
5091E-Ornate Swirly Reindeer: $8.75


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